Is Social Networking Important for Teenagers?


Several years latest, social networking sites gradually develop in the internet, such as Twitter, Blog, Plurk, Facebook, Friendster, Skype, and so many more. The most popular social networking that have been developing until this second is Facebook. Facebook is continuously developed time by time with more high-tech features, for example, video-call. In this present day, people all over the world, adult, teenager, or eventually kids, prefer to use Facebook or Twitter as their best social networking site. Most of them think those social networking sites make them have a simple, closer, and more interesting communication others.

In the other sides, social networking sites are harmful and do have many consequences, especially for the teenager. Teenagers usually do the social networking abuses which make them become “addicted” in it. They use it regularly day by day, rather than make something productive to themselves or others. They evenly can stay mad with their parents because their mother or father won’t or can’t give them enough money to go to the internet café to get online.  In Batam, Riau Island, on March 11th 2012, a girls committed to suicide caused by broken by her boyfriend in social networking, Facebook. In same social networking, discrimination or cyber bullying already occurred to its subscriber who majorly teenagers. Uploading someone’s photo that have manipulated or edited to be worse and mentioning somebody in statuses which use rude words on purposely to bullying or mocking them are often happen. Those cases prove that social networking sites slowly or quickly harming the teenager’s psychology extremely.

Meanwhile, social networking also damage teenager’s moral forming age. When teenagers in their adolescence time, it means that they have an unstable emotion that havn’t completely stable formed like adult. By Facebook, the teenager’s adolescence time is damaged. For example, the girls Facebook user do not have shame feeling to expose the sexy photos  on their timeline or wall and make it become her profile picture of theirs while people’s eye stare on it too. The common case that also occurs in Facebook as a social networking site is when a teenager couple is in a relationship, they usually expose their “sweet conversation” on this public networking site or they also usually show their relationship status that actually still in temporary relationship which is changed after several time.

Besides those two effects, social networking usage is also clearly give direct disadvantageous to people surrounding them, such as family or siblings. Four of six students in my research prefer to sign in to their facebook, looking for handsome or pretty person in it or updating status in their spare time. They also prefer to spend their time in front of the computer to have a chatting with others than doing their school stuffs. These things are once prove more the bad effects of social networking among the teenagers, which is time waster.

Now there is something need to really think about. Social networking shouldn’t really much of concern regarding your teenage time. As long as you stay on the right line, it will produce good fruits too, but if you don’t, it probably damaged your adolescence time, psychology, moral, and even your lives breathe.

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